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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 5P  FOX  January 10, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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what a job by green bay. you know, wh you talk to mike mccarthy earlier when this offense wasn't clicking, talked about inconsistencies and it never seemed to be the same part of the offense. it all came together here in the second quarter on. on first down, here's lacy. compton is in on the stop. tonight coming up next on fox, "the simpsons" and "cooper barrett's guide to surviving," "family guy" and "bordertown." >> troy: you talked about a it a few weeks ago in the desert. bay packer team. that's about as good as the cardinals have been all season lodge. they were outstanding in every area of that ball game. nine sacks.
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rodgers and he took an absolute beating in that game. you wonder if the left tackle back for that one. >> joe: it's a good topic to talk about when we come back. two-minute warning here in landover, maryland. some emotion from aaron rodgers. they're on their way to a divisional round game. today's game is sponsored by the ford f-150. every other truck is history. actually, you're not. it's ford f-series, again. and, it wasn't even close. same trucks that have been leading the industry for 39 straight years. like f-150's high-strength, military-grade aluminum alloy. which helps make it stronger, more capable and more innovation. it's why f-series every other truck brand... history. back in 1965 subway's founders fred deluca and dr.peter buck teamed up with one simple mission... fresh sandwiches... i like it.
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>> joe: there's first year general manager scott mccle mccloughan.
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loss under jim harbaugh to the baltimore ravens. second down seven, it's lacy on the right side. and lacy refusing to go down. how about that carry by eddie lacy. the ball came out. washington is saying they got it. but gene steratore says it belongs to green bay. and that ball did come out. it looks like breeland is there to recover. if this goes for a replay, it would be called for from above. >> troy: i've got to believe -- well, maybe not. >> referee: the previous play is >> joe: so they were able to buzz down. that ball was out and it looked clearly like breeland got on top of it. meanwhile next week the game
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hosting seattle, week six. cam newton throwing for 162 yards in the fourth quarter, greg olsen, the game-winning touchdown with 32 seconds left. the foundation was being built for the carolina panthers with that undefeated season that lasted until week 16. it was a final of 27-23 carolina. a game in seattle. and here is another look at what we think will be a fumble, a turnover by eddie lacy. it would be the first turnover by the packers in this game, as it's in the arms of bashaud breeland. >> troy: i can tell you mike mccarthy, as good as this game has been for the packers, he's not happy about this. this was an opportunity to just run out the clock with this first down and you saw the look when we showed him and just shaking his head that now the defense will have to go out and play. if they score, there's onside kicks and everything that goes along with that.
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that you talked about, joe, that game that you showed against seattle when they won, that was the game that really legitimized them in everyone else's eyes. i think they already believed they were a pretty good team but to do that against the defending nfc champions, i think it really gave them a great deal of confidence and gave everybody a look around the league as to what they were about. >> joe: mike mccarthy will see the numbers for this offense and be thrilled with the way his offense live responded in this game. >> referee: after review, the ruling on the field is changed to a fumble. recovered by the washington redskins on the 32 yard line. it will be washington's ball first and ten on the 32 yard line. please reset the game clock to 1:51. >> joe: here are the numbers.
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yards, one sack allowed. none over aaron rodgers' last 32 dropbacks. and with j.c. tretter out at left tackle, did this group step up on the road against a washington defense that had really been pressuring the quarterback over the last month of the season. >> troy: 17 sacks the last four games for the redskins defensively, and aaron rodgers had been sacked 13 times in just the last two. >> joe: incomplete from cousins. >> troy: really a great job by that offensive line. >> joe: and some good-byes from rg3 to members of the field staff. here in landover. >> troy: i know this year has not been easy for him. when you're the second overall pick and you have the rookie year that he had and you're the guy and you're the heisman trophy winner and all that comes with that and was regarded as the savior of this franchise, to then only be active for one game
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think he handled it pretty well. >> joe: here's jordan reed. able to hop out of bounds with a first down. you think about mike shanahan and the front office here with the washington redskins when they traded all those first round picks to st. louis to have the right to draft rg3, they came right back in the fourth round and drafted kirk cusp ousins and that wasn't lost in kirk cousins. he knows the shanahans believed in him, now jay gruden believes in him, the free agent-to-be. he'll make his money but this is a dedicated young man to the craft of playing quarterback in the nfl. here's a pass caught by ross. going backward, he can only get to the 15. >> troy: you bring up a good point, joe. what he had to say from the very beginning of the meeting, i said this has been quite a ride for you to go in the fourth round after they have already taken rg3 and all that's come with
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years, he immediately talked about what mike shanahan and kyle shanahan meant to him while they were here in washington. so he's very appreciative of the opportunity. >> joe: second and eight. the pass is batted into the air. two guys had a shot at it. thomas and burnett. incomplete, third and eight. jordan reed comes up with the first 100-yard receiving game in postseason history by the redskins. in team history, the only tight end to have a 100-plus yard receiving day is that man. the sky's the limit for jordan reed if he can stay healthy. third and eight. into the waiting arms of nick perry goes kirk cousins. daniels there as well.
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our game next week on fox, coverage starts at 11:00 a.m. eastern. seattle seahawks the number six seed taking on the number one seeded carolina panthers. fourth and 17. long way to go for thompson. he won't get there. it's a game washington led 11-0 and the green bay packers took over. first points of the game, a sack for a safety. preston smith the rookie. frustration early but then davante adams with two catches on that drive, including the touchdown. kirk cousins ran it in for a short-lived one-point lead and james starks was there to answer for the green bay packers.
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the ground game took over in this second half behind a new-look offensive line for head coach mike mccarthy. >> troy: washington came out to start the second half and came away with a touchdown and took an 18-17 lead. after that, it was all green bay packers with 18 unanswered points. this is going to be a good week for the green bay packers. finally pulling it together and getting a chance to move on. who knows, maybe this is like the magical year they had in 2010. >> joe: mike mccarthy has talked about how frustrated he's been having to talk about what was a ten-win season. feeling discord between quarterback and head coach and play caller, but it all came together today. redskins out, green bay packers moving on with a convincing win.
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>> joe: here is today's jeep play of the game. it was james starks, the ground game. took off in the second half. starks and eddie lacy in this convincing 17-point win for the green bay packers. on to arizona they go for a date next saturday with the arizona cardinals. that's today's jeep play of the game. smiles on that green bay sideline, especially the reigning mvp. he was good today.
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to do great things, sometimes you gotta break the rules. the all new surface pro 4. a new screen, for new perspectives. we reinvented the surface pro, so you can reinvent everything else. >> joe: coming up next on fox, "the simpsons" followed by "cooper barrett's guide to surviving." then "family guy," then "bordertown." the green bay packers are moving on. they'll play arizona on saturday. we'll be there when the seahawks take on the number one seeded carolina panthers, on the air at 11:00 a.m. eastern.
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congrats to the pack. here are today's most dependable plays of the day. it's been a fun and unpredictable wild card weekend. the green bay packers defeated kirk cousins and the washington redskins today to advance to the divisional round against the arizona cardinals. and these are your chevy silverado most dependable plays of the day. fox sports thanks you for watching this presentation of the national football league. for nfl news and highlights go scream a book for as low as $73 dollars one-way now at
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we have team coverage tonight. looking ahead to next weeks big game. between the steelers and the broncos. >> we have a look at ticket prices. tp eufrs first we are breaking down all of the nfl developments. >> . let's start with the game you just saw end. packers beat the red skins. that sets up green bay playing at arizona next week. and after seattle win today. sea hawks at carolina. that's the nfc. the broncos take on the banged up steelers. pits burr won a physical. penalty game. in the history of all the league. what's the cost of the win. one of the best receivers is
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after taking a late hit. big ben was injured. he's dealing with a sprained ac joint in his shoulder. >> broncos players said all week long they don't care who they play. they were anxious for post season football. >> >> the broncos road to the championship. up to date play off wrabgt. patriots host chiefs on saturday. broncos host the steelers on sunday. kick off sunday is 2:40. >> . back to the steelers injuries. ben saying he is day-to-day. will try to play. basically knowing him, big ben. he's going to play. brown meanwhile. he's in leagues concussion protocol. his status is very much questionable. >> broncos fans need to know about getting their hands on the
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>> a week from today. it will be packed. hopefully filled with more orange and less of the terrible towels that we have seen in years past. >> . whether it's over time magic in 2012. or afc championship heartbreak in 06. steeler fans are always trying to insraoeud the mail high. especially during the post season. >> . ticket broker,. >> i have 4 in that section. >> tells us that this year, it's no different. >> pittsburg does draw a hiker market. >> a higher market. >> . if bronco fans want to keep the terrible towels to minimum. all you have to do is say so. >> we love our season ticketholders. we have to protect them. and their wishes. >> if they don't want the opposing team fans in those seats i won't do it.
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at 36 hundred a piece on stub hub. it's important as ever to trust your source. >> since they are doing digital. there won't be as many paper tickets. best advice. buy from someone tpha that you know. >> >> we will have a complete break down of the action tonight. on the sunday sports zone. >> a man entered a sub way restaurant. around 7:30 last night. and demanded money. one of the employees started
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police say the man left the sub way. when a bystander chased him through a shopping center. and fired warning shots into the air. that bystander has been charged with reckless endangerment and discharging a weapon. the robbery suspect is on the loose. >> fountain police asking for your help. identifying a suspect accused in a robbery. >> does dozens of armed men. joining the protestors we have the new information. from antigovernment demonstrations. >> .
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stepped out of cars and trucks. and began pushing reporters and photographers off the public road. >> . it all took place just steps from the entrance. of the national wildlife refuge. where for the last week spo tars have called home. the group said they were members of the 3 percenters of idaho. part of the pacific patriot net work. we spoke to brandy. a 3 percenter member in oregon. >> i can't speak to the particular incident. i don't know what transpired or who caused it. >> >> we are lovers of our country. first and foremost. and lovers of the constitution. >> the 3 percenters showed up on
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to provide security for the occupiers. the group says they're in the county to create an open dialogue. and to maintain peace. >> flu season is in full swing. the virus spreading across colorado. >> it is. coming up why it's not too late to get yourself and family vaccinated. against the potentially deadly
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